Projects and Selected Committees
This one-person committee strives to keep an updated record of the members and their addresses.  Please inform the chairman of any new members, changes of address, demits or death.  Sheryl McGuire, Martha Chapter #11, P.O. Box 515, White Sulphur springs, MT 59645.

Today more than ever we should demonstrate our deep appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy and on a daily basis recognize our responsibility for maintaining those freedoms and pay tribute to our military men and women whenever possible.  Every Chapter is encouraged to have an Americanism Program and ask the community to participate. The program can include youth organizations, i.e. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Rainbow Girls, Job's Daughters and DeMolay.

The Appeals Letter will be sent to all members to derive funds for our various charities.  The Appeals letter, with heart-felt testimonials and a special incentive, will be the only fund raiser for our charities, and will be mailed to ALL members who may designate to which, or all of our OES charities, they wish to donate - ESTARL, Masonic Home/Cinderella Shop, Electa's Cup.

This one-person committee will  keep track of the movement of our members from town to town, and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  The Chapter Secretary is asked to notify the Chairman when a member relocates to another community with an Eastern Star Chapter in the community or nearby.  The Chairman will then inform that particular Chapter of the member relocating to the area.  The Chapter should contact the member with a phone call or visit and encourage/invite her/him to attend Chapter meetings.  We want to keep all of our members in the loop!

This Committee is active during the year extending courtesy/help to our members and/or people in need in our communities.  This may be visiting shut-ins, providing transportation, remembering members during holidays, offering rides to Chapter meetings - the list goes on.  The list of needs vary and are endless.  Report the "good deeds of your companions" to your Unit Chairman.

This committee reviews applications for aid and determines how much money the applicants will receive.  It does NOT collect any funds.

Electaís Cup Endowment was begun by PGM Betty Tindall during her term in 1986-87. It was named after Electa based on that Star Pointís position of love and hospitality. It is unique to Montana Grand Chapter. This Fund was established to provide aid to subordinate Chapter members of Montana Grand Chapter, who are in need. Only interest from the Endowment Fund can be disbursed by the committee. Accumulated funds are invested by the Grand Secretary at the direction of the Finance Committee.

The Chapter member in need makes their request through the Chapter Secretary and Worthy Matron.  An Application Form (Word or PDF) is completed by the member, signed by the Secretary and Worthy Matron and sent to the Electaís Cup Committee for their review and approval.  The request for assistance and the money to the applicant are all processed through the Chapter Secretary. This is NOT a loan. The member does NOT have to repay the money received. The money to the member is a donation to that person.  The applicant's name is kept confidential.

This is the fund raising committee.  Money from the Appeals Letter, as well as donations, assists this fund.

This is the fund raising committee.  Each year, all money raised and donated by Chapters and members for ESTARL will be allocated for ESTARL Scholarships, ONLY.  Donations and memorials from the Chapters plus this year, money from the Appeals Letter that will be sent to each Montana member for the purpose of raising money for the ESTARL scholarships.

ESTARL SCHOLARSHIP (Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership)
This committee awards the ESTARL Scholarship.  It does NOT collect money.  The purpose of these scholarships is to give assistance through scholarships to young men and women who desire to enter various fields of religious service; namely, ministerial, missions, directorships of church music, religious education, youth leadership; and by giving support to departments of Religion in accredited colleges.

At the June 2016 Grand Chapter Session 4 Scholarships of $1500.00 each were awarded to deserving recipients.

Our Historian summarizes the Grand Chapter Session for updating our history book.

The Grand Chapter Librarian is a committee of one (1).  The Grand Chapter Library consists of many programs for the use of Chapters and members.

This committee consists of A) Masonic Home Program Committee; B) Masonic Home Fund Committee; C) Grounds Beautification Committee; and D) Representative to the Masonic Home Board of Trustees.
    The funds collected by this committee are used for the Elder Sisters and Brothers, for the Starlight Hours and Grounds Beautification.  Actual costs depend on the number of residents.  A special need is a new walking path/sidewalk around the building for the residents' safety.  This is budgeted at $10,000.

    The operation of the Cinderella Shop is made possible by the funding from Eastern Star.  Monies derived from the Appeals Letter donations will help support the Shop.  The guests at the Home appreciate shampoos, haircuts and perms.  The budget for the Cinderella Shop is nearly $10,000.  Actual costs are dependent on the number of residents and their use of these services.
    The formal wear Shop at Montana's Grand Chapter Session has a new name and a new slogan:  "Bibbidee-Bobbidee-Boo: Old to Us and New to You".  As with all Fairy Godmothers, there must be a recipient of the good things and the Cinderella Shop at the Masonic Home will still be the recipient of our funds.  We are planning to have LOTS of fun with our new name and a few surprises in store for our Grand Chapter Session.  Don't forget to bring your clean formals, tuxes, skirts, beaded tops, etc.  We also take handbags, jewelry and shoes.  Wave that magic wand and clean out that closet - The Fairy Godmother's Closet is looking for your wonderful garments!
Each Chapter will receive a photo of the WGM and WGP along with a sample article about OES.  Both are to be used for the local newspaper - if possible - and printed before your Chapter's Official Visit of the WGM. The Chapters are to send a copy of the newspaper article to their Unit chairman.  Some newspapers are not willing to print an article without compensation - money.  Do NOT pay to have an article/photo printed.

Montana Freemason: We are assured by Right Worthy Grand Secretary Reid Gardner's office that Chapters submitting articles and photos by each deadline will be reviewed and printed at the discretion of the Grand Lodge Office.  All photos and articles about 50-Year members are most welcomed.

Eastern Star Journal:  It would be great to have articles and photos printed in the Eastern Star Journal.  The Journal has contact info for submitting articles.  To subscribe to the Journal go to the General Grand Chapter web site.

There is a Chairman and Co-Chairman of this committee.  The Committee functions on Saturday morning of the Grand Chapter session for balloting/election of officers. Members will receive instructions from the Chairman and Co-Chairman and then proceed to collect and count all ballots cast. The ballot results are reported to the delegation by the Chairman.

This vendors committee arranges for vendors to bring their wares to Grand Chapter.  Electa's Cup, ESTARL, Masonic Home/Cinderella shop are recipients of a percentage of the vendor's sales.

This program of Grand Chapter is explained in the Statutes, Article XXXV on pages 87-89 of the Blue Book.  (Word or PDF)  Encourage your members to purchase a VPLM.  This will help support their Chapter financially long after they move to that "city not made with hands".
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